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Whether it's a joint of beef for roasting or steak, all of our beef is specially selected & locally sourced. Explore our artisan butchery range of beef cuts from modern picanha steak to more traditional cuts like rib eye steak.


The Butcher’s Block Red Tractor assured free-range chicken comes straight from local farms in Yorkshire where their diet and care results in healthy birds. Order our herb fed chicken or chicken fillets online to experience their fabulous flavour for yourself.


Turkey is not just for Christmas, it is a delicious low-fat option that can be enjoyed all year round. Try our boneless turkey breast or minced turkey in your recipes as a low-fat alternative to red meat.


Our British farm-reared lamb joints and steaks are sourced locally from the Rossendale Valley. They are packed full of flavour, perfect for roasting or the BBQ.


Our locally sourced pork is cut to perfection by our artisan butcher. Outdoor reared pork tastes better, whether it is a roasting joint or from the belly.


Start off the day the right way with The Butcher’s Block range of Breakfast essentials - traditional recipe sausages and bacon, black and white pudding and even eggs.


Game is a really healthy meat option, low in both cholesterol and fat but packed full of flavour. Why not try something different for your Sunday Roast this week.


At The Butcher’s Block we don’t like to see any part of the animal go to waste. Our range of offal can be used to create delicious recipes and great stocks.

Ready Meals

The Butcher’s Block range is the easy way to eat better meat in minutes. We have a wide range of meals available to keep your family happy, from stir-fry to Chilli con Carne.

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