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Our Story

We've come a long way since opening our doors in August 2018. From humble beginnings, we are committed to working with the local community, encouraging everyone to use the whole product and reduce the amount of waste. We are also thrilled to have won the Butcher's Shop of the Year - New Butchery Business Award in 2019.

Know Your Butcher

Born in Poynton and with family roots in Woodford, "the Boss" Mike is an eighth-generation butcher passionate about food.

His slaughtering background means he has expertise across the full spectrum of meat handling - and this shows in his innovative range of cuts of meat produced in-house.

Mike is also a fully qualified chef and trained Steve Connolly-Bastock, who worked with him for two years before moving to Edingburgh and opening the award-winning cafe Salt.

Combining these areas of expertise means that Mike can take you from "Farmer's Gate to Table Plate", as he aims to supply the finest produce for his customers with an innovative twist on tradition.

Our Quality

The Butcher's Block works closely with all of our suppliers to ensure we obtain the best in hand-picked produce weekly to guarantee that you, our customers, are receiving the best of the best.

Our beef has aged for a minimum of 28 days which means the end product is tender and full of flavour. Our lamb is reared on a farm in Little Houldsworth and delivered fresh by the farmer every week. Our pork is specially selected from the nearest farmers market in Skipton, and our quality assured free-range chickens come from Yorkshire, herb fed.

All our free-range turkeys also come from Yorkshire, herb fed, where they use a slow-growing breed for extra flavour.

We hand cure all our bacon, ensuring the highest quality, and we also make all our sausages, with weekly specials as well as more traditional flavours.

What does artisan mean to us?

At The Butcher's Block, we value every animal and don't like to see any part of them go to waste, especially when lesser-known parts can be used to make great stocks and delicious recipes.

Artisan doesn't mean expensive; it means that we aim to help you use every part of the animal, keeping traditional cooking and values alive, as well as reducing wastage.

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