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Stewing Meats

Stewing meats are the basis of all the best winter warmers - from curries to pies. The Butcher's Block selection of stewing meats is perfect for long slow cooking on a low heat to boost their flavour and perfect their tender texture. Not just for winter though, our stewing meats can be used for comforting and hearty dishes all year round.

Butcher's Block Buster Diced Beef

Our Beef buster pack consists of 5 x 450g of our lean diced beed. Versatile and great for everyday meals, this buster pack is...
Beef Stewing Meats Weekly Essentials
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Lean Diced Beef

Great value stewing steak, cut from the shoulder. Perfect for slow cooking, curries, pies giving a deep flavour and melts in the mouth when...
Beef Stewing Meats Weekly Essentials
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Diced Pork

Diced pork is perfect for slow cooking and stews a low fat alternative.
Pork Stewing Meats Weekly Essentials
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Diced Lamb

Succulent lean cubes of lamb, perfect for stews, curries and tagines. Our Lambs are British farm reared, from the Rossendale Valley
Lamb Stewing Meats Weekly Essentials
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